Workshops A Place For Everyone

There are many ways to get involved with Toys For God’s Kids. If you are a woodworker, we can show you how to secure the materials and make the toys. If part of a group looking for a charitable activity, there are plenty of opportunities to assemble cars. If you or your group travels to underprivileged areas of the US or distressed areas of the world, we need you to distribute our toys. Or if you see this as a worthwhile cause that warrants your support, visit our DONATE  page.

Many corporations encourage their employees to engage in community service activities.  Toys For God’s Kids is a reliable partner, supplying car parts for groups of employees to assemble.

If you live in the area of one of our Smile Shops or Workshops areas, we can get you in touch with an experienced, certified Smilemaker.  They’ll be happy to show you how to be involved in one of the most gratifying programs in the country.

If you don’t see a convenient location, contact us and we can explain what it takes to set up a TFGK operation in a new city.  Please include a phone contact.
Smile Shops in Your Area