TFGK’s New Ride

Four year ago, Marlin visited Chip Thiel where he worked at Denver Woodworking to get some insight on CNC’s. He took a liking to our mission and made a couple hundred “put together” airplanes that we gave to Smilemakers who “helped us reach new heights” in Smilemaking. Last year we brought 17 boards to him and our logo and asked if he could make signs. After some meticulous painting, this is the handsome result. Thank You Chip Thiel!Car2 Car1

Gilbert Beekhuizen

Gilbert Beekhuizen’s family generously donated Gib’s memorial funds to TFGKs for a new CNC machine. What is a CNC machine you ask … If you are a woodworker, you may have a table saw, a drill press, a chop saw, a lathe, a router, a band saw, a joiner/planer, a shaper or a panel saw in your shop. A CNC is a multi-purpose machine that can cut, drill, and shape in the same way as traditional tools. In loving memory of Gilbert Beekhuizen, TFGKs has a ‘Gib’s CNC’ that is cutting, carving, and drilling smiles.

Gilbert Gilbert2

Thank You Woodley’s


Here is Smilemakers’ version of the Odd Couple.  Stan Vander Ploeg has cultivated a relationship with Woodley’s, but Bob Gullion has the pickup truck. Here comes the best part of the story between the two of them, along with Woodley’s, who generously supplied the hardwood for wheels, TFGK ends up the winner! Woodley’s “scrap” pile is a goldmine. Look at the magnificent hardwood that was donated by Woodley’s,  piled high in the pickup truck. Can you say wheels, wheels and more wheels!


Newest Chapter in Hesperia, CA

Note from Doug Card: “This chapter of TFGK really got started because my father-in-law, Lowell, who lives next door, was looking for something new to do with his scroll saw. My son, Daniel in Orange City, Iowa, put me onto the organization and I thought it would be great for Dad.  To make a long story short, he is cutting out cars at the rate of 70-80 cars per day. So I called in some friends to help me in my shop to make wheels and to do the finish work. Our little group has grown to about 15 on any given Wednesday. They are all retired guys and love the fellowship, but mostly love the purpose they have in making all those smiles!”